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Our Mission

At Itineraries, our success has come from gaining an understanding of the tourism world and building relationships. What has transpired are partnerships with Midwest organizations including our state’s Explore Minnesota and numerous tourism and convention bureaus in every corner of the state. With the marketing backgrounds of our creative team, Itineraries, Inc. Also offers specialty advertising and marketing services that speak to everything involved in tourism.

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Who We Are

Itineraries Inc. focuses on drawing groups to the Midwest through several publications using an itinerary format. All itineraries are written in real-time and focus on the convenience of the traveler. We are constantly researching new and exciting travel ideas while keeping advertisers, planners, readers, and travelers in mind. Each magazine we produce is designed for a variety of people—from outdoor enthusiasts to collectors of antiques. We understand the many reasons for travel and strive to highlight the Midwest as a tourism destination.

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What We Do

Founded in 2001 by marketing professional Heather Lahren, Itineraries Inc. began with the simple idea of promoting group travel to Minnesota. Gaining the support of the local tourism industry, the company decided to broaden its horizons, changing its name from Itineraries Minnesota to Itineraries Midwest. As the company began to expand, so did its network. People wanted to see more. Heather took on more projects and over the years developed a variety of publications including our Travel Companion & Field Trips guide, Explore Native America, Explore Southern Minnesota, and Tournament Fishing Times. Now under the name Itineraries Inc., the company is approaching its ten-year anniversary and looks forward to new and exciting opportunities in the years to come.

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